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We are back with part two of “8 Practical Ways to Help Children Who are Syrian Refugees!”

In part one, we discussed the issues at play in Syria that are affecting child in deeply negative ways. We also discussed two ways to get involved in helping them.

In part two, we discuss another way to get involved, as well as five ways to take your “helping hands” to the next level.Get the Ball Rolling…

Get the Ball Rolling…

3) Speak Arabic? Offer Some Translation

Syrian Active Volunteers was founded with the idea that Syrian refugees can call in with any need and these volunteers would try to be there for them. Part of their services they ended up offering refugees was simply translating for them in this foreign land with a different native tongue. Contact them on Facebook to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

…Then, Dig Deeper!

4) Create a Curriculum for Yourself

Study the tragedies in greater detail. Well acquaint yourself with what’s happening, as well as those who have power over the various puzzle pieces in play. Find organizations who are serving the area. Make yourself knowledgeable about the needs of the people, what is blocking people from getting the resources they need to survive and thrive and take the time to do some creative brainstorming on how you could help provide one of many solutions needed.

5) Join a Board

Non-profit boards, depending on how well established they are, can be quite easy to join. They take people from various different professional backgrounds to offer unique perspectives on their decisions and programs. Oftentimes, they only meet once per month, leaving you with plenty of time give helpful input but also not detract from your other responsibilities and priorities.

6) Adopt

This takes helping to a whole new level. Consider the opportunity to adopt a child who is in need from Syria. This is a deeply personal decision, but it can be life-changing in a positive way for both the child and you.

7) Mentor

Work with organizations who work with refugees and those in need in Syria. Find out ways you can mentor people in need to show them support, care, and hope for a way out of their trying times.

8) Volunteer Abroad

Take the opportunity to volunteer abroad. Numerous organizations offer volunteer opportunities abroad, giving you the opportunity to “escape reality” in a deeply fruitful manner. You can learn about the world on a deeper level; experience foreign lands, cultures, and people; and offer a truly helping hand to those in need.